Do you live in terrace house with a small garden? Or perhaps you only have a small backyard and don’t see the point in trying to make that space into a garden or green area? Just because you have a small plot to work with doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make it stand out. With these simple tips, you can transform your garden into a great escape!

Get the right plants

If planning from scratch, choosing which plants are right for your garden is a very important part of transforming your small garden space. Avoid using oversized plants in small gardens. Ideally, it is best to have low-level planting at the forefront rising to the tallest plants at the back. Using height is important in a small space such as a hanging backet of trailing, window boxes and wall mangers. These will draw the eye upwards and make the smaller space feel bigger.

Be Bright

If you perhaps have a garden that doesn’t get much sunlight, it’s important to open up the space with bright, uplifting colours. Golden or yellow colours are perfect for this and will grace your garden with light. If you want your garden space to feel more intimate, go for hot colours like red and pinks. Cooler colours like light purple and white will recede the field of vision and make a space feel larger.

Avoid Clutter

Don’t take up too much of your valuable space with furniture and remember to choose wisely. If you do have space for furniture, you need to be careful what size this is as if it’s too big, it will take over all of the space and leave no room for anything else. If possible, choose furniture that can fold away and avoid bulky items.

Think about Shape

Using clever shapes and perspectives in your small garden is a great way to create the illusion of space. Using circles in your garden can give the illusion of making your garden appear bigger whether that is by stepping stones or patio circles.


Dividing your garden into different sections, even if it’s small, can be a good way to make it feel bigger. You could do this using walls of foliage, bamboo screens or with different plants and garden furniture. Even in a small space this is achievable and will make the garden feel bigger.

Create privacy

Even in the most urban of environments, simple steps can help create a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle. If your house and garden is surrounded from all sides by other houses, meaning reduced privacy, you can install arches and pergolas to create a secluded seating area and cover them with climbers.

Just remember that no matter how small your garden space is, you can always use clever tricks to make it feel bigger and more tranquil. If you would like some more tips from the experts and are looking to pick up a few plants for your garden, why not come along to Garden Show Ireland 16-18 June 2023!

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