Winners of the Allianz £1000 prize draws

Visitors relaxing at the Allianz Hub

Title sponsor, Allianz, generously offered not one but two cash prizes of £1000.

Run as a competition on U105 in the week leading up to the event, the first Allianz prize draw for £1000 was won by Amanda Semple from Antrim (pictured below at the Show with her daughter and Karina Pryce from U105).

The second Allianz prize draw for £1000 was run during the Show. Visitors completed their entries as they came in to the Show and posted them at the Allianz hub. The winner was Aubrey Toombs from Warrenpoint.

Congratulations to both our lucky winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part and especially to Allianz for their generosity.

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