Tree Climbing & Tree Care!

New in 2018!

Arborists, Dave Hamill of Arbortec and Phil Annett of Annett Arb will be giving demonstrations of how to look after some of the trees in our gardens.

Using one of Antrim Castle Gardens’ magnificent Lime trees, Dave will be talking us through what needs to be done while Phil demonstrates how to climb its boughs.

They will talk about the work of an arborist, or tree surgeon, whose job is the cultivation and management of trees.

Their focus is on the health and safety of individual trees and plants to ensure they are healthy, safe, and suitable to property owners.

Their work includes planting, transplanting, pruning, structural support, removing hazardous vegetation or diseased limbs, preventing grazing or installing lightning protection.

Dave and Phil will be demonstrating how some of the arborist’s work is done by climbing trees with ropes, harnesses and other equipment.

The Woodland Trust will also be on hand at the Show to explain how we can all get involved in securing a brighter future for our trees, woods and the wildlife that depend upon them.

Today, Northern Ireland ranks badly as one of the least wooded regions in Europe with just 8% woodland cover, compared with the European average of 46%. Moreover almost 60% of our woodland is in the form of recent conifer plantations.

Ancient woodland – that’s our last remaining link with the original wild wood established after the Ice Age – is a particularly scarce resource. In Northern Ireland this precious habitat makes up just 0.08% of our local landscape.


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