It’s Showtime! Tips for buying Plants

It’s Showtime! Tips for buying Plants

Buying plants

Well, the Show is upon us and we are all excited about getting to the show and having a great day out. With so much to see and do I know that my big priority will be to get some new and exciting plants for my garden. The Show is the perfect place to stock your garden with a huge range of plants for sale including lots of unusual plants you can’t get in the local garden centre. Here are my tips:

Bring a trolley

If you know you will be buying lots of plants it really is worth bringing one of the collapsible wheeled trolleys. Be careful with them so you don’t bang into people but they make it so much easier to lug plants around the show. Don’t forget you can use the Plant Creche to look after your plants during the Show but make sure you remember to collect them!

Don’t delay

I know the idea of lugging plants around the show is no fun, I also know the pain of hesitating to buy a certain plant that I wanted and lost it! You can always ask the stallholder if they have plenty of stock or buy it there and then.

Ask advice

This is an ideal time to learn more about the plants you want to buy. The stall holders will be delighted to talk about their plants (provided it is not a busy time and they have long queues). They have spent months or years growing their plants and want to know they will thrive in your garden so will be happy to help you choose the best.

Go for buds

If there is a choice, always buy a plant covered in buds rather than open flowers – it will last in bloom longer in your garden. Those open blooms will probably get smashed on the way home anyway. Look for a plant that is bushy with lots of shoots at the base rather than a tall stem with flowers. The nursery will thank you too if you leave the plant with flowers, to attract more buyers!

Try something new

There are bound to be some plants you don’t know or recognise. This is the time to experiment. Ask the nursery about the plant and take a punt! Some of my favourite plants are those that I didn’t know when I bought them but they have been exciting discoveries.

Above all, have fun and make the most of your day at the Show. I am delighted to be at the Show again after the two-year break and look forward to seeing you. I’ll be in the Garden Talks Tent along with Klaus Laitenberger, Diarmuid Gavin and Joel Bird. So there’ll be lots of ideas and tips to be had. Bring your questions, and hopefully we’ll get you some answers!

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