The School’s have it!

The School’s have it!

Hillsborough Castle is being well looked after by some wonderful scarecrows down at our Allianz Scarecrow Square, and the beautiful additions to the grounds by our Allianz Schools Garden Challenge!  The boundless imaginations and creativity displayed by our local schools has been fantastic this year, and we’d like to thank all pupils, teachers and staff involved for their energy and dedication.

The winners of the Allianz Scarecrow Square 2013 are:

Traditional Scarecrows

  • Highly Commended: ‘Rainbow Bell’, by Oakgrove Integrated Primary School
  • Highly Commended: ‘Iris’, by Fort Hill Integrated Primary School
  • Winner: ‘Tea Break’, by Forge Integrated Primary School

Musician Scarecrows

  • Highly Commended: ‘Lady Gaga’, by Hazelwood Integrated Primary School
  • Highly Commended: ‘Will.I.Am’, by MaineIntegrated Primary School
  • Winner: ‘Kiss’, by Loughview Integrated Primary School

Storyteller Scarecrows

  • Highly Commended: ‘Gary’, by Fort Hill Integrated Primary School
  • Winner: ‘Pied Piper’, by Rowandale Integrated Primary School

Best Overall Scarecrow: ‘Bookworm’, by Drumlins Integrated Primary School

The Allianz Schools Garden Challenge 2013 celebrates the 2013 Derry/Londonderry City Of Culture.  Pupils were tasked with designing “A Musical Garden” and judges were looking for creativity, originality and delivery against the brief as they make their decision.  The winning school will receive a tree provided by CAFRE Greenmount College plus a visit for 30 pupils to the Belfast Barge.  The winners of the Allianz Schools Garden Challenge 2013 are:

Silver: Beechlawn School

Gold: Laurelhill Coomunity College

Best Overall: Our Lady’s & St Patrick’s College


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