Special Guest – Helen Dillon

Special Guest - Helen Dillon

Gardeners never retire!

“Starting over – the plants I couldn’t leave behind!” Helen Dillon, Ireland’s most renowned gardener shares her thrill at creating an entirely new garden in an entirely empty space at the age of 78.

Helen and her husband Val moved recently from their house in south Dublin with its famous Dillon Garden, created lovingly over their 44 years there, a garden which received visitors from all over the world. ‘Making a new garden, and leaving all one’s mistakes behind, is all so exciting’, says the ever enthusiastic and enormously energetic Helen.

Originally from Scotland, Helen has written several books and has  travelled extensively to see plants growing in the wild, including China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, South America, Norway, Germany, France, Sikkim and Nepal and given talks in 27 states of the US, including Alaska.

“The fun of gardening is all about planning new areas, trying new plants – of being a creator rather than a curator, and the thrill of starting again. The most annoying thing people say to me is, ‘Do you still garden?’, which is like asking me if I’m still alive. Gardeners never retire”.

On Friday 4 May Helen Dillon will be describing to visitors to Allianz Garden Show Ireland her new venture, and the plants she simply couldn’t leave behind.


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An Interview with Helen Dillon

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