‘Legends of Northern Ireland’ and ‘Enchanted Gardens’

Allianz helps Primary Schools get creative!

As part of Allianz Garden Show Ireland’s 2017 celebration of local heritage, primary schools from around Northern Ireland will be getting creative in their imaginative participation in the Show.

Primary Schools from the integrated sector, supported by the Integrated Education Fund, are busy building their ‘Legends of Northern Ireland’ residents of Allianz Scarecrow Avenue – which might include anyone from Cuchulain to Rory McIlroy! They will also be working on scarecrows for the other categories, the most Eco-Friendly, the Scariest and the best Traditional Scarecrow in Allianz Scarecrow Avenue.

Meanwhile primary school children from all over Northern Ireland will be using their imagination to create miniature ‘Enchanted Gardens’ based on fairytales and legends celebrating once again the Show’s 2017 heritage theme, and in this case exploring Northern Ireland’s wealth of literary legends in the gardens they create for the Show.

“Our objective is to get young people interested and engaged in horticulture”, says Show Director, Claire Faulkner. “Every little bit we do to start thinking more about green and growing spaces has to help the bigger picture for future generations. There is something so magical about the imagination of a child and we are very excited to see the outcome in the displays at the Show!”

Damien O’Neill, Group Head of Marketing for title sponsor of the Show and long–term supporter of the Schools’ initiatives, Allianz, commented,
“Every year we are hugely impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity of the many Schools who take part in the various challenges.  There is now increased recognition as to the importance of outdoor learning and these initiatives provide a fun way of teaching children about the world around them whilst also encouraging them to get active in their own school gardens. We are looking forward to seeing how the pupils interpret the themes this year and expect that we will see some wonderful designs.”

The lucky winners of the different categories will receive trees for their schools, kindly donated by CAFRE Greenmount Campus. All participants are invited to a morning’s workshop at CAFRE Greenmount in the autumn to learn more about planting and growing.

Find out how your school can get involved.

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