An interview with Reg Maxwell

Reg Maxwell - Gardening Guru

1. What sparked your interest in gardening?

As a boy living on an estate in Derbyshire where the woodlands had rides bounded by Rhododendrons and what seemed like miles of daffodils along the streams and lake sides.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Peter Oldorf the modern Landscape designer because of his use of grasses and herbaceous plants.

3. What is your all-time favourite plant?

I have 2 a Rose for shape and colour and Sweet pea for colour and scent. The statement of Summer!

4. If you were having a dinner party, who would your top 3 guests be? 

Mike Nelhams of Tresco, Isles of Scilly, John McCullen ex OPW Phoenix Park and Roy Lancaster. The knowledge and ‘craic’ would be exceptional!

5. What would you cook a vegan who doesn’t like nut roast or carrots?

I would not know what to do so bad luck for any vegans.

6. Do you have a favourite gardening gadget?

NO! Just favourite tools. Stainless steel spade, fork, hoe & hand trowel.

7. What is the best piece of horticultural advice you have ever been given?

Know your soils. Know what the plant needs.

8. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Allianz Garden Show Ireland in Antrim Castle Gardens? 

Always interesting plants.


Make sure you bring your gardening problems to Reg at this year’s Show.


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