An Interview with Jilly Dougan

An Interview with Jilly Dougan

Jilly Dougan is the gardener behind some of the most impressive herb gardens in Northern Ireland and also author of inspirational new book “Sow Grow Munch”, which vows to connect children of all ages and their parents with the concept of food growing, food heritage, the importance of buying local produce and how to cook from scratch.

Jillly’s involvement in the show has two strands, she is creating a garden in the “Cameo Garden” area, the theme for these gardens is “It starts with a pot” and Jilly is basing her garden on her new book. Jilly is also very involved in the Schools Challenges, and will be donating her time, some greenery and some books to the prize winners.

Did you catch Jilly Dougan speaking to Q Radio presenter Denis McNeill about this year’s Show?

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