Build a Garden

Build a Garden

Team Garden Challenge kindly supported by Enkalon Foundation

Ever wanted to be a garden designer or landscaper? Or just wanted to get your hands dirty in the soil?

Have a go! Create your own garden! … and have a lot of fun!

Get together with members of your community group, club or charity, with work colleagues, a group of friends or family members, students – or anyone who would like to have a go at designing and building a garden!

The theme for this year’s Team Challenge Gardens is “Go wild, Grow wild!

This is a fun team challenge to build a garden. You can take as long as you like in advance to design and plan your 3m x 3m garden plot. Teams then get together the day before the opening of the Allianz Garden Show Ireland (Thursday 30 April 2020) at Antrim Castle Gardens and have one day to build a garden.

To get involved, just send back the Entry Form which can be downloaded here:

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