Festival of Food

Festival of Food

Foodies will have a feast at this year’s Festival!

Food NI Pavilion once again hosts Resident Chef, Paula McIntyre, who will be creating imaginative recipes for ‘Outdoor Dining!‘ and will be making use of all the local produce around her from Northern Ireland’s rich edible heritage. Paula will be sharing her superb knowledge of cooking with vegetables, herbs and plants of all sorts including the creation of mouth watering dishes from the produce you grow in your garden or in a hanging basket outside the kitchen!

Paula will be joined by Mark Diacono, who came to prominence through the River Cottage programme and will demonstrate some amazing tasting recipes created from produce from his unique Otter Farm. Mark maintains that it is no harder to grow the unusual and utterly delicious than it is the entirely ordinary.

Gardens and displays around the Show will have experts on hand to provide advice on how to achieve the results you want in your own garden space to grow the herbs and vegetables you’ll really taste!

Indulge yourself in the Food NI Food Market! Local produce from cider and cheeses to chutneys and cupcakes, there’s mouth-watering local produce to buy.

Farm producers with locally reared beef, organic duck and fresh organic salads in the artisan food stalls are just some of the tempting delicacies on offer around the Show so visitors can relax and enjoy a delicious meal during their visit – or indeed share a cream tea with friends listening to the Jazz Band in the Punjana Tea Pavilion!

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