Exhibitor – Grant Designs

Exhibitor – Grant Designs

Grant Designs create bespoke Designs in Stainless Steel, Copper & Timber to Stunning Effect – Luxury for your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces.

Grant has always been inspired by high levels of craftsmanship and believes that making something functional and practical does not mean that it shouldn’t be aesthetic and made to a high standard.

This is where the inspiration for the Outdoor Stainless Steel Fire’Ness came from – designed and handcrafted two years ago and used all year round in all weathers, still looking as good as when it came home from the studio.

Grant’s background is marine and he spent most of his life working around boats and has been lucky enough to travel the world. His main inspiration comes from boats and the sea, or anything nautical really…


“I try to capture movement in my work, and if they move – even better!”

The Spinning Sails Sculptures are an example of this – Handmade in Stainless Steel & Copper. Each sail shape is unique and will add movement and different tones and reflections to your outdoor spaces as they rotate in the wind.



His Handmade Chopping Boards & Platters are all designed using the highest quality sustainable timbers that he can source. Different woods have different characters and behaviours and he always tries to work with the timbers rather than against them.

We are delighted to announce that Grant is launching his Café Collection of Cheese and Paddle Boards and the Marram Collection of Long Grain boards at this year’s Show in addition to the ever popular End Grain Range.



Grant’s designs are all individually handmade and, as such, no two pieces will ever be alike within a Collection.

Grant also welcomes Commissions so do visit him in the Craft Pavilion to view his full range or discuss any design ideas you may have?


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