Beginning to Build (part 4)

Beginning to Build (part 4)

Finally we have started building the garden on site at Antrim Castle Gardens. Its good to be on site and see all the different elements coming together. We had already put in the willow tunnels and it was great to see them again and see how they had started to shoot.

The willow tunnel starting to shoot.

The next major step in building the garden was putting in the hard landscaping, the main hard landscaping in our design is based on the Brigids Cross a hand crafted symbol of Celtic origins.
We chose to use the Brigid’s Cross in our design to celebrate the ancient cultural history of Northern Ireland.

Starting at the centre.

Below is a map of the garden and you can see clearly the strong lines of hard paving which represent the Brigids Cross. At the centre there is a water feature, while around the hard path falls a softer circular path connecting different areas of the garden. Planting falls into two main categories with wild birch and meadow and woodland forage garden meets potager! Lots to do yet!

Map of the Nourishment Garden

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