Spring is springing in Antrim Castle Gardens!

Spring is springing in Antrim Castle Gardens!

Spring is springing in Antrim Castle Gardens hinting at what lies ahead as the parklands prepare to host Allianz Garden Show Ireland 2020!

The last few days of a milder, brighter March after such a wet and wintry February have brought splashes of yellow, purple and white as Crocus has erupted through the woodlands to join the bunches of wild primrose (Primula). Leafy shrubs like the Wild Garlic and Ramsons, (Allium Ursinum) can also be seen making an appearance now, but will bloom a little later. Drifts of daffodils down the driveway already create a cheery greeting to visitors.


The first frog spawn of the season was seen by the rangers over the weekend along the side of the Grand Canal. Fingers crossed that it will be a better year for our amphibians after the wettest February on record.

And it shouldn’t be too long to wait until the arrival of our early Avian Summer Visitors. This is usually heralded by the arrival of the first swallows, which can be as early as mid-March, provided conditions are favourable.



No wonder Antrim Castle Gardens was awarded Authentic NI Experience of the Year – Site Based in the 2019 Northern Ireland Tourism Awards for providing an outstanding authentically Northern Irish experience. As host venue for Allianz Garden Show Ireland it promises an outstanding visitor experience with a high quality unique event in a magnificent setting.


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