Anemones for everyone (part 1 of 2)

Anemones for everyone (part 1 of 2)

With so many types to grow, anemones can be a bit confusing

As spring approaches, a wander through woodland will reveal a carpet of pure white wood anemones among the bright yellow celandines, pastel primroses and emerging bluebells.

Although wood anemones are super garden plants in a shady area under shrubs, their creeping rhizomes mean they are not successful where gardeners fork and hoe the soil surface. They are also not easily dried and packed so you are not likely to find them hung up in packs in garden centres in autumn. The time to buy them is now, growing in pots.

Instead, in autumn, you will find Anemone blanda, usually in shades of blue but also in white and pinks. This is a great little plant and although it will grow in shade it is best in sun. As long as your soil is not exceptionally wet it will naturalise in grass and that is where it is often at its best, reflecting the sky when the sun comes out.

You should find pots of plants in garden centres now and they are a good way to introduce it to your garden – they will gradually spread over time.

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Anemones for everyone (part 2 of 2)

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Post written by our resident gardening guru Geoff Stebbings from www.thebikinggardener.com

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