A Foodie’s Feast!

A Foodie’s Feast!

A is for Armagh Apple Cider or Apricots or Almonds or Allotments
B is for Blackberry & Thyme Balsamic or Beef that is Rare Breed
C is for Cheeses or Chutney or Craft Beer or Chives or Cocktails to grow!

… and so it goes on! … the foodie feast in store at this year’s Show follows the entire alphabet!

D is for renowned gardener, food writer and chef, Mark Diacono of River Cottage fame, who will be talking about unusual tastes you can grow, as well as demonstrating how to create cocktails from your own garden.

E is for Elderflower Cordial or Edible Hedges.
F is for Food NI’s Food Pavilion where you’ll be able to buy a range of local produce and listen in to the demos at the Food NI Kitchen.
G is for Gingerbread Crunch Ice cream or Garlic Chives.
H is for the herbs and veg you can buy from specialist Growers in the Growers’ Pavilion and the Plant Mall.
I is for ice cream made with real cream.
J is for Jam made from Sweet Chilli.
K is for the ever popular Krazi Baker who entertains as he produces the most delicious smelling soda farls.
L is for Lia Leendertz, grower, food writer and cook who will be talking about unusual veg growing spaces and demonstrating the extra zizz that herbs can bring to a dish.

M is for Macaroons or Malt beer or Mulberries or Mint .
N is for Nasturtium or Nepalese Pepper.
O is for organic duck or Orchards or Oregano.
P is for resident chef Paula McIntyre, who along with a lot of craic, surprises as always with recipes that use every bit of our precious vegetables, as well as some interesting takes on intoxicating desserts.

Q is for Quince.
R is for Rare Breed Beef or Rhubarb Gin or Red pepper or Rosemary.
S for Soda Farls or Scones or Szechuan Pepper or Sloe Gin or Sage.
T is for Trees that produce fruit or a relaxing cream Tea in the Punjana Tea Pavilion listening to the Jazz Band.

U is for Using the whole vegetable!
V is for vegetable wraps or Vodka made with Sweet Cicely.
W is for Waffles or Winterberry Cordial or Wine.
X … is for the (e)Xtra special artisan food on offer in Food Stalls that offer a range of extra specially good tasting food so you can enjoy some local produce or stop at one of the many delicious speciality coffee stalls.

Y is for Yoghurt or Yeast.
Z is for Zucchini.

Whether you want to learn about growing unusual fruit or vegetables, cook unusual meals, create unusual growing spaces or source local produce, or just soak up the atmosphere whilst stopping to indulge on artisan foods, then this year’s Allianz Garden Show Ireland will take you through a mesmerising trail of the alphabet of food!


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